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Four elements cover

The Four Elements - Martin Ellerby available with piano and brass band accompaniments4E score

- commissioned by The Black Dyke Band and premiered by Gary Curtin

The much loved CD Four Valves Four Slides (Steven Mead and Trombonisti Italiani) is now back in stock, at a special price of £9.50


Sheet Music: Aces - Frank Gulino (with piano or brass quintet accompaniment)

Accessories: Wallace Valve Oil, Ultraglide slide grease

CD: Shadowed - Joel Collier, with brass band

Aces BQAces piano frontShadowed frontWallace non-toxic Valve OilUltraglide


Dream times CD coverDream Times track list

The brand new Steven Mead album, selling fast!!! - Dream Times

It has to be heard to be believed. Stunning music and performance! Now available !!


Special Limited Edition gold embossed Steven Mead/EuphoniumStore Tshirts. Tshirt front full

The perfect gift...to yourself or for a budding euphonium player in S, M, L & XL sizes

100% cotton. Only £16.50 Order now while stocks last. Find them in ACCESSORIES.


 The brand new CD from Mnozil Brass YES YES YES in stock now - Special offer on previous releases:  ALL DVDs £14.00  ALL CDs £7.25
Ultrabreathe (breath trainer) now available in 5 colours! - orange, red, black, grey, white. See in New Items and Accessories.
UB OrangeUB RedUB BlackUB GreyUB white
Optimum90Brand new: Optimum (90 or 30)- controlling performance anxiety! You've done all the practice, now, don't be let down when it matters because of nerves. Buy in 'new items'. It's getting rave reviews from everyone who's tried it: "I never felt so relaxed" "Actually looking forward to the next band contest, first time in years!" "I never had such good focus on stage".                                                  
41goldWe are proud to present the sensational Lefreque harmonic bridge plates. These are producing quite brilliant results on all brass instruments, especially, trumpet, flugelhorn, tenor horn, french horn, euphonium, tuba and trombone, as well as woodwind.
Steve has used them since March March 2015. Now available also, the gold and silver fixing bands. See under Lefreque in the dropdown menu.
Steve LFRead 10 reviews from euphonium players

Here is a link where he reviews the Lefreque plates. Please contact us if you have any questions about what is the best solution for you and your instrument !!

Euph store October advert

Please check out our ever-expanding  catalogue. If you have any questions about products, be it mouthpiece choice, sheet  music selection, mute, accessories or CDs, (including downloads), you can contact us.

Call or email if you need help deciding what to purchase !

 Ultra X Mouthpieces - the 3X and 4X euphonium mouthpieces are still flying off  the shelves!

 MeadSprings - we have 4 types now: Baritone (non compensating euph), Euphonium Light, Original Euphonium and  Eb Tuba, CC and BBb Tuba. Find them in the accessories menu or search box.

 CDs - Pearls, Diamonds, Journey, Fandango etc so many to list, but check out the full range of CDs from Steve and many  other euphonium and baritone artists.

 Mutes SM Euphonium Travel and the SM Baritone Travel Mute, always in stock and selling fast !

 Sheet music - we have a vast range now, of solos, duets, study books and full band sets too. Please browse our full range.

 Accessories - the new Wick BuzzTube, the U-Trainer and Ultrabreathe are our top hits, as well as brush sets, valve oil, Vibrass, stand lights, tuners, metronomes and more!

 Mnozil Brass - we stock ALL their titles!  

Please use the search box and drop-down menus to find what you are looking for! We ship to everywhere in the world and our full time sales manager Ann Wright is waiting to help you. Our online store is totally safe and secure. You'll receive an automated confirmation from us and we'll let you know when the product has been shipped. 

If there are any new products you'd like us to stock, let us know! 

If you have any problems ordering through the store please email euphstore@gmail.com with your order information and make sure you leave us a phone number for any follow-up necessary. Thanks

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£24.00 £21.00
Prohands - VIA Handgrip - LIGHT
£12.00 £9.95
Prohands - VIA Handgrip -EXTRA LIGHT
£12.00 £9.95
Four Concertos - Joseph Horovitz
£13.20 £7.50
Symphonic Variants
So Einfalt!
Ultrabreathe - RED
Triple Mouthpiece Case
£13.80 £12.75
Bel Canto (BC/TC)
£12.20 £12.00
Pearls - Roland Szentpali
£18.75 £16.75
Audacious (2-disc) - Steven Mead
£13.00 £6.50
Ultrabreathe - WHITE
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